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SALT (Summer Adult Leadership Team) Program Overview

One of our goals at Slumber Falls Camp is to ensure that Outdoor Ministry exists as a special part of the total ministry of the Church. Members of our Summer Adult Leadership Team (SALT) form an important part of this special ministry, and are vital to the quality of each camper's experience at Slumber Falls this summer.

Working together as a team, living together cooperatively, sharing tasks, and tending to the personal needs of each other are all ways of modeling Christian community so that campers learn by observing the summer staff.

The Slumber Falls' staff operates as a team, and follows the concept that "no one is finished until everyone is finished". 

SALT staff are expected to participate in the activities of Slumber Falls sponsored camps in residence -- join in their worship services, attend their programs, help out with games and activities, when time and schedules permit.

Finally, we would like to emphasize that each member of our staff family is important, no matter what his or her job is. If there is a problem, big or small, there are people you can talk to. If you see a better way to get a job accomplished, bring it up at the staff meeting, or before then! We only ask that you do your best.


1. SALT workers must be one year past graduation from High School as a minimum age

2. Must submit to a Criminal Background Check and have a clean record

3. Read and understand the SFC Staff Policy and sign the Staff Covenant.


The wage for the full summer program is $2500 for those applicants from the United States. International recruits will have a different wage scale based on their contract with Camp America.


1. SLUMBER FALLS POLICY: while on camp premises, staff members are required to adhere to all guidelines on the General SLUMBER FALLS POLICY form.

2. Payment of wages: Payments are made every two weeks.

3. Other Remuneration: Meals and lodging. If an automobile is used for camp activities, reimbursement is made at the standard IRS reimbursement rate.

4. Dismissals: It is possible for a staff member or the camp to terminate employment "at will." Staff may be dismissed without prior notice and without further pay. The Director of Outdoor Ministry will be responsible for dismissals in consultation with appropriate supervisory personnel. Violations of the SLUMBER FALLS POLICIES may be grounds for immediate dismissal.

5. Sick Leave: Each SALT worker is entitled to two days of sick leave with pay when approved by the Director of Outdoor Ministry

6. Emergency Leave: In the event of a death in the family of the SALT worker, illness in the family, or urgent business, leave will be granted in relation to individual circumstances – at the discretion of the Director of Outdoor Ministry -- not to exceed three days with pay.

7. Hospitalization-Medical Care: Expenses due to injury sustained when carrying out responsibilities of employment will be covered by Worker's Compensation insurance. Expenses created by sickness or injury when not at work are the responsibility of the SALT worker.

8. Conduct: While in the employ of the camp, SALT workers agree to adjust personal habits and actions to the policies of Slumber Falls Camp & Retreat Center. 

9. Time Off: SALT workers are expected to give a high quality of service requiring considerable independent judgment, creative thinking, and professional discipline. Camp responsibilities often require a 24-hour readiness to respond. Each staff member shall have 24 continuous hours off each week from Saturday noon till Sunday noon. All SALT worker departures from the camp while on duty must be cleared with the Director of Outdoor Ministry. In addition to the weekly time off, SALT workers will be off for a few days around July 4.

10. SALT workers will be housed in Vicki's Haven or another cabin as appropriate:

A. Each SALT worker is responsible for keeping housing clean including bathrooms, lounge area, and grounds.

B. Vicki's Haven is strictly off limits to all volunteer staff at all times unless cleared with the Director of Outdoor Ministry.

11. Other Expectations: 

A. All staff must have permission to leave camp, except during time off.

B. Visits by family and/or friends must be arranged in advance with the Director of Outdoor Ministry.

C. All staff must be on time for meals and work assignments.

D. All staff must work toward developing a harmonious community and shall refrain from activities which interfere with community development. Examples of such behavior are: practical jokes, inappropriate relationships with each other or volunteer counselors, unwillingness to work with others, gossip, etc

E. Work Space Considerations: Staff should not interfere with others who are working. Areas of consideration are kitchen, office, pool, etc.

F. SALT workers will not eat their meals in the kitchen unless on kitchen duty.

G. The camp does have high speed internet and a wireless network around the Woelke and Kelsey facilities which SALT workers are welcome to use when off duty. There is a computer in Vicki's Haven which can be used by SALT workers although many SALT workers bring their own laptops.

H. Alcohol and illegal drugs will not be allowed on site (see camp policy.)

I. It is assumed that each staff person's relationships with camp users and volunteer staff will be professional in nature.

J. At the end of each camp event, all SALT workers are required to help with camp clean-up. The duties will be assigned by the Director of Outdoor Ministry.






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