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PURPOSE: Leadership for a group of campers in the camp program.

QUALIFICATIONS: A group counselor should

1. Be a committed Christian with a dedication to the church. His/her life should exemplify the Christian way of life. Each counselor is called upon to spread the "good news" of the gospel and should be a facilitator of growth and change.

2. Have some training and/or experience in small-group camping and camping skills.

3. Attend pre-camp training event or orientation.

4. Be able to relate to others, especially children and/or youth.

5. Have some ability in group dynamics.

6. Possess some knowledge of the characteristics of the particular age group.

7. Show interest and desire in being a facilitator and be understanding of and open to any problem or concern of the camper. Give honest answers to questions.

8. Exhibit knowledge of responsibilities.

9. Be 18 years of age or older and exhibit maturity of emotions and thought.

10. Must complete the online Sexual Abuse and Molestation Awareness curriculum and pass each of the three modules prior to the start of camp.

11. Must be able to attend the mandatory staff training prior to the beginning of camp.

RESPONSIBILITIES: It is expected that each counselor will


2. Live with a small group of 5-8 campers (cabin group) and be a friend who is worthy of respect; a counselor is not just one of the boys or girls and must be responsible for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of the camper. Counselor is responsible to know where his/her campers are at all times.

3. Share responsibilities for a co-ed family group of l0-l2 campers with a co-counselor.

4. Guide campers in following all camp policies, procedures and rules and must be willing to abide by the same rules by which the campers themselves live. (Lights out, rise-up time, morning watch, promptness at meals, wearing of shoes, etc.)

5. Guide campers in participation in group, individual, and all-camp activities. The counselor should encourage healthy relationships and competition between campers and groups.

6. Practice good, effective, and shared leadership with co-counselor and campers.

7. Practice Christian principles in group decision-making, and help campers to understand these principles and live their faith. Counselors should be able to stimulate interest in the beauty of God's love, God's world, God's purposes.

8. Participate in all activities with the group and must be willing to involve and submerge themselves in the activities of the group.

9. Cooperate with the authority and duties of hired camp staff.

10. Act as host/hostess in dining hall during meals. Sit with campers in dining hall.

11. Supervise camper chores (restroom, cabin and grounds clean-up, dining hall duties, etc.)

12. Begin the week prepared, ready and rested for the task.

13. Greet campers and parents on opening day, and help campers settle in and adjust.

14. Plan activities for the campers with co-counselor, allowing flexibility.

15. Assist in program activities with Event Director, as assigned.

16. Give aid to less experienced counselors.

17. Report to Camp Director matters s/he cannot handle, e.g., discipline, communication problems with staff or campers, etc.

18. Must prevent romantic entanglements which could disrupt the life of the whole camp and destroy the counselor-camper relationship.

19. Evaluation:
a. Set tone for end-of-week camper evaluation.
b. Fill out evaluation form thoroughly.
c. Participate in end-of-week evaluation session.




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