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Amazing Mattress Donation, but we Need Help!

One of the most heard suggestions and requests by our churches and guests have revolved around better mattresses.  We all know that sleep affects our overall health and wellbeing, and sleep helps us with healthy brain functions, emotional wellbeing, physical health, and increases our ability to function throughout the day.  Our ability to engage the world, encounter God, and grow from our experiences is central to our ability to be the church and live out our personal calling.

For the past year, Don and I have talked about ways to address this challenge to provide quality bedding to help maximize individuals’ experiences while camping, retreating, or participating in other events at Slumber Falls.  We have been diligent in trying to find cost effective ways to change out over 120 mattresses.  Naturally good mattresses are costly, but we have been able to find a donor for 128 Tempur-Pedic mattresses.  The value of this donation is $147,600.  What we were asked to contribute is an administrative fee originally for $7,000.  We were able to get 20% off that fee bringing the total to $5,600.  With the cost of the administrative fee and the mattress protectors (about $1500), we are needing to raise $7,000.

We are also looking for volunteers to help us unload the trucks on the day of delivery (we will let interested people know when we get this information).  Please consider contributing to the mattress overhaul project at Slumber Falls Camp.

We would like to extend a special thank you to those that have already donated.  If you are interested in donating you may do so through the Slumber Falls website at, you may mail a check made out to Slumber Falls Camp to 3610 River Road, New Braunfels, TX 78132, or you may also  make a donation by phone with your credit card by calling the Slumber Falls office at 830-625-2212.

Please Click Here to Donate

In Christ,

Dr. Don and Jeremy

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  1. I would like to challenge the folks of our conference to contribute to this effort. UCC camps all over the US are shutting down. We are committed to extending every effort to make Slumber Falls vibrant and viable far into the future. In order to do the above we must have tour help. This past year I have personally donated over $2000 in donations to the camp, so I challenge you to step up and make a difference. Camp is where hearts are changed, brought to life and turned to a God. Sounds to me like a mission worth undertaking.

    I ask each one who reads this material to make a minimum $100 gift to “Support Slumber Falls.” Please make your check to the Conference and marked as shown above. Blessings and joy to you. Dr Don

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