Clergy Retreat 2019

Feb. 6-7 Slumber Falls

Cost: $100 full event, $65 one day

Calling all clergy related in any way to the SCC. Yes, that means you “in-care, retired, pastors, chaplains, interim, etc.” Whoever and whatever, you are welcome and you are appreciated.

We are all busy seeking to live the gospel in a challenging era but this gathering matters. We are not alone in the struggle. We are a sisterhood and brotherhood of like-minded soul and must not and should not forsake the gathering or ourselves together.

Registration begins at noon on February 6th and the program will begin at 1 pm.  Please eat before you come.  For the meals, please contact the camp office for dietary restrictions.  We are able to cater to vegetarians and gluten free when we are notified at least a week out.  For other dietary questions, contact the office to see how we can accommodate.

This is an exciting event when clergy come together to retreat, grow, and shape the direction of the ministry of the church.  We hope that you make this a priority!