Join the SFC Family as we come together to clean, restore, construct, and prepare the facilities for groups and summer camp.  We have ongoing projects that we strive to achieve each year such as cleaning, folding t-shirts, cleaning brush and flower beds, but this year we have three sizable projects slated depending on volunteers and resources – construction of the Dun Wunderin’ Deck, winterization of Twill Do, and cabin updating in Bizer.  If you have a particular interest or skill set, please contact the office so we can better plan for this weekend.  The cost is $15 which helps covers the three meals.  Walk ons are always welcome as we have more projects than can be done in one weekend.  We hope to see you there as we come together as God’s larger church celebrating one another, sharing our gifts, and empowering the camp’s ministry.  For more information, contact the Director of Outdoor Ministry.  We look forward to seeing you there!  Blessings and Peace!