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Confirmation Camp 2019

A Word About SFC Confirmation Camp Overhaul and Restructure
For years, Slumber Falls Camp has offered a variety of experiences for youth in Confirmation.  Over the past two years we have reevaluated some of our ministries. Some of the questions wrestled with were
  1. How can outdoor ministries enhance the programs of local congregations?
  2. What are programs that the camp can offer that churches cannot easily offer or duplicate, yet is critical to the spiritual formation of the youth?
  3. What grounds people in the faith, when the world seems to be moving toward secularism?

The overwhelming response was spiritual formation and connection to the world.  We looked to other groups that have offered life transforming spiritual retreats for adults and researched what was out there for you.  The end result was a weekend like the Journey, The Walk, Walk to Emmaus, and Chrysalis.  We were blessed to have experienced clergy and leaders willing to offer this experience for our youth.

For parents and churches that want a unique, powerful experience of spiritual formation and connection to serve as a foundation for their youth’s Christian journey of faith, I encourage you to send your teen to the SFC Confirmation Camp – January 25-27, 2019.

Confirmation Camp is designed to enhance the confirmation programs offered by our churches and associations. The purpose of this camp is to strengthen the spiritual lenses of our confirmands while engaging them in discussions, and fun activities designed to apply what they are learning.

However, youth in our ministries might need a little help to figure out how exactly to grow spiritually. So at our Confirmation Camp our youth will discover four habits that can help them grow spiritually: Spending Time with God, Spending Time with Others, Sharing Your Story, and Using Your Gifts. By introducing these habits to your students now, we’ll help set them up for a lifetime of spiritual growth and a strong foundation for Confirmation in our churches. This will be an interactive, action packed weekend that will appeal to our youth preparing for Confirmation.

Whether this is a part of your program or an option, this weekend is one of the highlights during this formative time as young Christians. Katie Kammerdiener, the Outdoor Ministry Intern, and Yadi Martinez, Youth Minister for New Church/Central UCC will be designing, leading and directing this camp. This is a great time to be at Slumber Falls Camp and experience a winter event filled with campfires, smores, engaging discussions, and new friendships. For more information, contact the camp office.

Registration begins on Friday, January 25, 2019 at 7 pm with the program starting at 10 pm that night.  The program concludes at 10 am on Sunday morning.  Registration is online at The cost for each camper is only $100 and includes lodging, meals, and all activity costs.  The cost for sponsors from churches is $50 for the weekend.  Register AND pay in full by Saturday, January 5, 2019 and receive a $10 discount.



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