Camp for a Week, Friends for Life!

Living Waters

This camp targets youth who have completed 6th through 8th grades and serves as a transitory type of camp experience from children to youth camping. While retaining many of the activities from prior camp experiences, starts to introduce more complex discussions relevant to young teenagers and  engages in deeper spiritual focus, service components, and family group discussions.  Leadership opportunities are worked into this program as well as a variety of activities are designed to build skill sets and competencies.  In addition to the theme of the summer, youth at this camp explore topics on building meaningful friendships, addressing bullying, exploring their spirituality, service, justice, fairness, and other relevant topics.  This is a pivotal camp for shaping youth and their faith. Skilled counselors are sought out to better respond to the questions, issues, and needs of this age group.  The bonding that occurs at this camp is often carried into the older camp and young adult retreat experiences.


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