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Unicorn Remote Learning Camp

What is Unicorn Camp

Unicorn Camp is designed for students to do their remote learning for school in small pod groups based on their school structure – elementary, middle school, and high school.

Each level will be divided into “pods” of no more than 10 students. These pods will not change during the session. Each pod is supervised by a facilitator that will help your child log onto their classes at the appropriate time, provide safe spaces for your child to learn, study, and grow, and oversee recreational activities following the completion of their school work.

We are looking at running only 3 pods for the fall with a max of 5 pods if families request a special pod with family and friends, so space is limited as is done on a first come first serve bases.

We want to help our local families who are concerned about their child bringing the coronavirus into their homes. We recognize that every family structure and the risk of contracting the coronavirus could have devistating impacts on their families.

We hope that all the families signing their children and youth up for Unicorn Camp understand that we are creating a haven or “bubble” for like minded families who care about their loved ones and the possible long term effects of COVID-19 on individuals after they have recovered.

Slumber Falls Camp had a successful summer camping seasons with no incidents of COVID-19 outbreaks during camp or reported following camp. While we have some of the best health and safety practices and sanitation procedures – coupled with small camp sizes – it was our camp families that made a difference by their diligence and good practices to keep their families safe thus further reducing the risks of bringing illness into the camp environment.

Benefits of Unicorn Camp

  • Remote School supervision
  • Reduced risk of contracting COVID-19 and bringing it home to loved ones
  • High-Speed Internet – Fiber Optics
  • Small pod groups that remain constant for each session – we will keep groups together from session to session
  • Pods do not interact with other pods on the facility. They will each have their designated indoor space.
  • Create a Pod! – Parents can contact the office to create a pod with other families and friends of their camper.
  • Social interaction with other students for mental wellness
  • Balanced lunch meal prepared by our chef is included in fees
  • Supervised free time – Ex. basketball, volleyball, Gaga ball, arts and crafts, swimming, hiking, and personal hobbies.

For more information continue reading on our Unicorn Camp page.


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