Camp for a Week, Friends for Life!

Slumber Falls Camp Summer Programs

Slumber Falls Camp offers a variety of camps that provide age appropriate activities and curriculum for campers in a safe, loving, and nurturing environment.  One of the strengths of Slumber Falls is the dedicated staff and volunteers who encourage children and youth to explore the beauty and vastness of God’s creation.  Campers engage in dynamic daily lessons, fun yet deeply intentional family groups, spiritual activities and worship experiences, and many skill building opportunities designed to foster competency and resilience.  Slumber Falls Camp has come to symbolize a variety of images for past campers from a sacred environment to a place of healing and restoration to a fun and deeply enriching camp filled with incredible relationships.

Finding the right camp can be tough.  Descriptions of the camps are below.  Also, our policy allows for campers a grade above or below the targeted group to register.  This allows for more flexibility for siblings and friends to stay together if they desire.  For exceptions beyond this policy, please contact the camp office.

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Traditional Church Camps

Springs Alive – This camp is for kids who have completed the first and second grades. This camp helps children acclimate to the camp environment through lots of activities and hands on involvement from the staff.  While this camp only spans four days, children learn Bible stories, engage in fun group activities, swim, create arts and crafts, go on hikes, and explore God through creation.  Campers experience a high staff to camper ratio which is around 1:3 so that they get great supervision, high staff interaction, and diverse skill sets.


Streams of Faith – We have two camps for children who have completed grades 3-5.  These week long camps help campers develop meaningful relationships through family groups, games, activities, swimming, arts and crafts, and worships.  Campers are encouraged to explore the daily lessons and week long themes in age appropriate ways.  Campers have the option of participating in talent shows, carnivals, vesper services (nightly worship), and small groups.  These camps offer a variety of approaches to keep campers engaged and activities varied.  Each camp is unique to the directors, and both offer amazing opportunities for campers to build life long memories and friendships.

Living Waters – This camp is designed for youth who have completed sixth, seventh, and eighth grades and serves as a transitory type of camp experience from children to youth camping. This camp builds upon cherished camp activities of the previous camps, but starts to introduce more complex discussions relevant to young teenagers.  Leadership opportunities are worked into the program as well as a variety of activities designed to build skill sets and competencies.  In addition to the theme of the summer, youth at this camp explore topics on building meaningful friendships, addressing bullying, exploring their spirituality, service, justice, fairness, and other relevant topics.  This is a pivotal camp for shaping youth and their faith.  Skilled counselors are sought out to better respond to the questions, issues, and needs of this age group.  The bonding that occurs at this camp is often carried into the older camp and young adult retreat experiences.

Roaring Rapids –  This camp consists of the oldest group of youth at camp, youth that have completed 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades.  Like Living Waters, the camp is more intense and speaks to the current context of the participants.  Counselors are older, more mature, and serve as spiritual guides and mentors.  The relationship with these campers seeks to help them mature into active, aware, and passionate members of the church.  Counselors help them uncover their personal gifts and how they can use them to transform lives and communities.  Campers are encouraged to wrestle with various theological stances and to develop skills to articulate their beliefs yet be humble to continue to grow and develop.

Specialty Camps

Counselor in Training Camp (CIT Camp) equips passionate young people (completed 9th-11th grades) who desire to serve as resources to our younger camps while gaining skills, competencies, and experience that will allow them to excel as future counselors and leaders.  This camp focuses on youth development, camper safety, effective discussion leading, understanding child development, organizing games, activities, best camp practices, and worship experiences to name a few areas of focus.  Any young person is required to go through this training before they are allowed to CIT at a camp. Once a youth has completed this camp, they can continue coming back as a CIT without repeating this camp in future years as long as they continue to excel as a CIT.  CITs that attend this camp have priority the same summer.

Eco Camp helps deepen campers’ spiritual connection to the living world around us.  The curriculum focuses on ecology and spirituality and helps youth not only connect to God in creation, but also teaches them how to respect the sacredness of all of creation and to be advocates for the environment. This camp has a variety of workshops and hands on activities designed to educate but also discover new passions.

Sports Camp offers more active youth a camp experience to connect to others and form a community through games and sporting activities. Sports Camp incorporates leadership development skills while using sports as the vehicle for the application of these skills. Each day sports campers play a number of new games from football, soccer, rugby, volleyball, ultimate frisbee to just name a few.

Geek Week at Slumber Falls connects young people to one another through playing games, mainly table top games and their variants.  This camp is targeted for 8th to 10th graders (plus or minus a grade).  Our world is complex and diverse, and our children must learn the skills to navigate in uncertain waters.  This camp teaches leadership skills, self-confidence, critical thinking, memory retention, and communication skills to highlight a few targeted areas.  In addition to table top games, campers will experience games and activities throughout the camp which include swimming, evening activities, arts and crafts, campfires, and other traditional camp programming.  This camp is limited in space due to the nature of programming, so sign up early!

Camp Locations

All Traditional Camps occurs on the main camp side. Eco Camp and Sports Camp (and sometimes Geek Week) operate on the Bizer Center at camp. They have access to the river, swimming pool, Frisbee Golf, fossil flats, fire circles, and sports field, as well as some of the recreational sites on the main side.