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Summer Adult Leadership Team (SALT)

Each summer Slumber Falls Camp employees a number of college age workers and young adults  to assist with the summer camp program. Our Summer Adult Leadership Training (SALT) program began many years ago as a way to train young adults in a variety of leadership roles that include programming, food service, facilities, health care, aquatic activities, sports management, spiritual formation, and specialized youth activities such as ropes courses, archery, art and crafts, and small group development.

Selection and Training

Young adults are selected after successfully completing a rigorous application and interview process.  Both national and international individuals apply for these 8 positions.  Those selected agree to live on site and attend the two-and-a-half-week training program that covers a myriad of topics and modules on state laws, best practices for child and youth development, health and safety modules, effective programming, food handling and safety, communication, leadership, and spiritual guidance to name a few. While the SALT staff is a team and works together, each SALT is fulfilling a specific role in which they manage and are responsible for the success of those areas.  We strive to connect individuals with their passions, college majors, or areas identified or desired for growth.

Adaptability and Creativity

SALT staff must be prepared for anything the camp throws at them. The staff is provided a robust educational experience that reinforces their understanding of camp emergency and safety policies, child and youth development, and developing a camp community where diversity is celebrated.  SALT workers are taught to be creative and consider the complexity of navigating multiple goals and objectives when problem solving.

Leadership and Effective Communication

Leadership and communication are key aspects of SALT training.  Parents are entrusting their children to the camp, maybe even for weeks at a time, and the staff cannot take this lightly. Staff are expected to excel at being non-anxious presences during times of stress or crises, yet sources of energy and positivity when building the camp community and inspiring young campers. 

Being an effective leader requires understandings of ethnic and cultural diversity, socio-political backgrounds, broad range of theological beliefs, biological and physical differences, mental health and well-being, educational paradigms for teaching, and group dynamics. Having a solid background and knowledge base allows for stronger community building and teaching young people to co-exist and thrive in a diverse world.  Many of the skills taught and activities offered help build resiliency in our campers.


Former SALT members have reflected on their experience at Slumber Falls Camp.  Some have said it was the hardest thing that they have ever done, but the most remarkable experience that was highly rewarded.  The bonds that are formed in this ministry lasts a lifetime.  Many of them return to camp as volunteers, camp directors, and even serve on camp councils and boards.  The exposure to new skill sets have also opened the doors to new passions and career goals from ministry to medicine to working outdoors.  Most of the SALT workers have gone on to provide leadership in churches, non-profits, and their communities.

Journeying with Slumber Falls

We are excited about the ministry of Slumber Falls Camp.  This camp serves as a nexus for so many people at different stages or life goals.  Every day brings on new opportunities.  The richness gained through the many people that come to this place adds a new depth to the sacredness which permeates these grounds, programs, and people.  If you are interested in applying or being a part of Slumber Falls Camp Summer Adult Leadership Team or serving as a volunteer, please read more about us on our website or contact the camp office for more details.

SALT Application (Program, Camp Power, & Counselor)

We will update this page with useful information and information on interviews and the selection process.  This year there is only one application for all summer staff positions.  Applicants are encouraged to check which positions for which to be considered.  

Online Application

Be prepared to email the SFC signed covenant to [email protected] upon completion of application. If you have questions or difficulty submitting your application, please contact the office.

You application will be eligible for review once all documentation is received.

Reference Forms

Selection Criteria and Helpful Resources

The Summer Adult Leadership Team program has a two-fold objective.

  1. Create a team whose skills, passions, and talents compliment one another and support the ministries of Slumber Falls Camp.
  2. Equip young people with the skills, frameworks, knowledge, and experience of outdoor ministries.  Many of these growth areas are applicable in many facets of life.

SFC uses rubrics as an evaluation tool to better understand the applicants, team formation, and training needs.  The ministry of Slumber Falls Camp is sacred and life transforming.  We encourage all applicants to review our mission statement, policies (these say a lot about the ethos of a group), and ministries.  Successful applicants also are able to envision skill sets needed to be an effective SALT worker and equip themselves with basic knowledge, skill sets, and practices.

This list is not exhaustive and serves as a preliminary guide.  We may add links and articles to some of the areas as time permits.  Check back before interviews. Some of the areas in which we review are as follows:

  • Hospitality (campers, staff, families, ministers, visitors, etc.)
  • Effective Communication
  • Conflict Management and Negotiation
  • Team Building
  • Camp Programming
  • Small Group Management, Bonding, and Growth
  • Leading and Energizing Large/Small Groups
  • Archery, Sports, Arts and Crafts, Yoga, Stargazing, Hiking, etc.
  • Biblical Knowledge and teaching
  • Time Management
  • Musical Skills or Helping Lead these Activities
  • Food Safety
  • General Health and Wellbeing
  • Basic Self-Care (cleanliness, laundry, housekeeping, etc.)
  • Chemical Use and Mixing (diluting cleaning chemicals, what chemicals to use where, etc.)
  • General Handy Person Skills (proper use of common tools, names of common tools, etc.)
  • Creativity
  • Flexibility
  • Coping Skills (healthy, legal, realistic, etc.)
  • Helpful Models and Resources
    • 40 Developmental Assets
    • Bloom’s Taxonomy
    • Servant Leadership Model