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What is Unicorn Camp

Unicorn Camp is a ministry of Slumber Falls Camp designed for students to do their remote learning for school in small pod groups based on their school structure – elementary, middle school, and high school.

Each level will be divided into “pods” of no more than 10 students. These pods will not change during the session. Each pod is supervised by a facilitator that will help your child log onto their classes at the appropriate time, provide safe spaces for your child to learn, study, and grow, and oversee recreational activities following the completion of their school work.

We are looking at running only 3 pods for the fall with a max of 5 pods if families request a special pod with family and friends, so space is limited as is done on a first come first serve bases.

We want to help our local families who are concerned about their child bringing the coronavirus into their homes. We recognize that every family structure and the risk of contracting the coronavirus could have devistating impacts on their families.

We hope that all the families signing their children and youth up for Unicorn Camp understand that we are creating a haven or “bubble” for like minded families who care about their loved ones and the possible long term effects of COVID-19 on individuals after they have recovered.

Slumber Falls Camp had a successful summer camping seasons with no incidents of COVID-19 outbreaks during camp or reported following camp. While we have some of the best health and safety practices and sanitation procedures – coupled with small camp sizes – it was our camp families that made a difference by their diligence and good practices to keep their families safe thus further reducing the risks of bringing illness into the camp environment.

Benefits of Unicorn Camp

  • Remote School supervision from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm
  • Reduced risks of contracting COVID-19 and bringing it home to loved ones and high risk individuals
  • High-Speed Internet – Fiber Optics
  • Small pod groups that remain constant for each session – we will keep groups as consistent as we can from session to session
  • Pods do not interact with other pods on the facility. They will each have their designated indoor space.
  • Create a Pod! – Parents can contact the office to create a pod with other families and friends of their camper.
  • Social interaction with other students for mental wellness
  • Balanced lunch meal prepared by our chef is included in fees
  • Supervised free time – Ex. basketball, volleyball, Gaga ball, arts and crafts, swimming, hiking, and personal hobbies.

Two Options for Remote Learning

In order to accommodate families with various needs, we are offering two options for Unicorn Camp.

Option 1

Unicorn Camp “9 week periods”

  • These 9 week periods will have a set group of students in their pods for 9 weeks
  • Payment will be staggered throughout the session to help families
  • Payments can be made all at once or in larger installments or set up as an auto draft on the schedule the parents set to meet the camp guidelines.

Unicorn Camp 9 Week Sessions

  • August 24 – October 16
  • October 19 – December 18
  • January 4 – March 12
  • March 22 – May 27

Each Session has a pod for elementary, middle school, and high school with a possible 2 additional pods for pod creation or increased interests for a particular age group.

Option 2

Unicorn Camp Weekly

Parents can sign up for this option and choose which weeks during the fall they want their child(ren) to do their remote learning from Slumber Falls Camp.

Unicorn Weekly Sessions

  • Camps are Monday through Friday
  • Select individual weeks in the registration system as needed
  • These pods could vary in students from week to week
  • Camps are still limited to 10 campers per pod

Please note the following:

  • Every camper must be able to take care of themselves
  • We encourage good communication between families and the camp to better care for your child and increase their well-being.
  • We are continuing to follow our high standards of cleaning and sanitizing that we did this summer. We did not have any incidents during camp or reports following any of our camps.
  • We follow the same guidelines for masks as NBISD.
  • Our facilitators are their to help your child log-on at the appropriate times, ensure a good classroom environment, and enforce our policies and procedures.
  • Our facilitators are not hired as teachers or tutors.
  • We are here to provide families and students a piece of mind that their child will be well taken care of, have a unique learning experience with others, and foster a fun environment where students love going to school and have options for fun afterwards.
  • Student that are sick or have a temperature of 100.4 at drop-off will not be allowed to stay. Students can return following the recommended period in accordance to their illness.
  • If needed, we have a progressive discipline policy modeled after the school district that works with our students to understand the policy first to correct the problem. If the desired outcomes are not met, we meet with them again to figure out where the miscommunication occurred to insure that the student understands the expectations. If the same incident repeats a third time, the director of the program will meet with the student to understand the situation in hopes to restore balance and reintegrate the student back into the program. If the student continues to create a disruption to the program, a parent/guardian will be asked to pick them up for the day and a conversation will be held with the parent to find strategies for helping the student to better integrate with the community.

Unicorn Camp Hours 7:30 am – 5:00 pm

  • Camper drop off is between 7:30 am and 8:00 am
  • Campers will undergo a quick medical screening in their cars
  • Parents and campers will be required to wear masks during drop off
  • Pod leaders will also be in masks as they check campers in.
  • Campers must be picked up by 5:00 pm each day, $5 late fee for each five minute period following that pick-up window.
  • Campers may be picked up any time during the day. Campers with appointments during the day such as doctor, school, etc. will need to undergo a new screening before coming back during the same day. Parents should communicate special circumstances to Pod Leaders.
  • Parents will need to communicate changes in their typical pick-up schedule with the office. Only approved adults on the campers registration application will be allowed to pick-up the camper. Changes must be made through the online registration system. Phone calls and email are not accepted.

Camp Fees

  • Camps sessions are by the New Braunfels ISD 9-week Grading Periods
  • The cost is calculated at $250 per week with meals included. Multi child discounts available. Please contact the office for more information.
  • Payments are due before each weekly session or they are in weekly increments throughout the 9 week session. If you have a need for a payment schedule, please contact the SFC office.
  • This cost registers your child for the space whether it is used or not. Other children may not use their space as to protect the integrity of the pods.
  • Questions regarding payments, schedules, etc., please call the Slumber Falls Camp Office.


  1. Is Unicorn Camp a Christian Camp? Unicorn Camp is run by Slumber Falls Camp which is a Christian Camp. Some of our spaces do have Christian symbols and sayings. The students will benefit from a Christian environment of love and acceptance, but the campers will not engage in Christian activity from our staff members. Campers are free to be authentic.
  2. Can my child attend if they do not go to a New Braunfels ISD School? Yes
  3. Are there payment plans? Yes – Contact the office or set it up in Ultra Camp during registration
  4. What should my child bring with them to camp? They will need any school supplies and devices that allow them to fulfill their requirements for their coursework.
  5. Does the camp provide computers or tablets? At this time, we are not providing any. If this is a concern, please contact the camp office.
  6. How do I contact the pod leader if I have a question or need to update information on my camper? Contact the office and we can help you.

Registrations IS LIVE! Spaces are limited to 10 per Age Group/ learning pod.