Camp for a Week, Friends for Life!

Why send your child to Slumber Falls Camp?

As a parent or guardian, the well being of your children is paramount.  We seek ways to challenge our kids, help them grow and mature, and find ways for them to gain the necessary skills to be successful and happy in life.  Choosing a camp can be a daunting challenge when looking at all the options out there.  Factors such as location, costs, safety, quality of staff, camper to staff ratios, camper welfare and other policies to create a healthy, life giving atmosphere, food, education/theology, and variety of activities can be overwhelming when trying to find a camp that supports your goals, objectives, and values as a parent.  We understand that, and constantly strive to improve our camping ministries.

Why Slumber Falls Camp?


Campers Talk About the Greatness of Slumber Falls Camp

What makes Slumber Falls Camp stand out as a Christian Camp?

  1. We know how to foster relationships among our campers.
  2. We are radically inclusive of all people.
  3. We are located above the beautiful Slumber Falls on the Guadalupe River and our site has a first class swimming pool, volleyball court, Frisbee golf, gaga ball pit, basketball court, horseshoes, tether ball, ladder-ball, a large playground, hiking trails, an astronomy observatory, fire circles, a craft pavilion, fossil flats, the cactus patch, and much more.
  4. We have an incredible chef and amazing food that campers rave about.  Even picky eaters and kids with dietary restrictions have options!
  5. Each of our camps is different and targets various age groups, skill set developments, and has their own charm and draw.
  6. Our policies build off the latest research in terms of camper welfare.
  7. Our staff undergoes background checks, various training modules, and screening before being approved.
  8. Our camps are designed to be small (40-60 campers), so that campers receive more personal attention, and we foster a family atmosphere where deep relationships and friendships are fostered for life.
  9. In 2017, we had a 1:2 staff to camper ratio (the state mandates at least 1:10)
  10. Their is passion here, and God’s presence is felt, shared, and embodied.

If you have specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact the SFC office (830-625-2212) for more details.


The Sacredness of Slumber Falls


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