Camp for a Week, Friends for Life!

Volunteering at the Falls!

Volunteering at Slumber Falls is a great way to spend some time at the camp, but it can also be a profound spiritual practice.  We have volunteers that come for a few hours to those that stay over a year. We have a variety of ways to volunteer throughout the year.

If you are interesting in volunteering for summer camp, click here.

Volunteer Programs

Camp Steward Program – As we continue to grow and offer more services, the need for the Director of Outdoor Ministry to travel on weekends became evident.  In order to tackle the challenge of having a person present at Slumber Falls on the weekends, the Camp Steward Program was born.  Camp Stewards serve as hosts to the groups.  While most groups are self-sufficient, occasionally, they might have a question, need more toilet paper, or find themselves in need of an unstopped up toilet!  Camp Stewards reside on the premises in Vicki’s Haven.  Each steward is given a training and a quick guide to help them navigate the most common scenarios.  If you would like to be a Camp Steward, contact the Director of Outdoor Ministry or the camp office.

Individuals and Groups also come to came to help the camp improve.  If your organization, church group, or social service desires a place to give back, I invite you to talk with the camp on what you envision your group doing or what the greatest needs are at the time.  Individuals needing service hours for school, clubs, or other organizations can get hours for working here.

Long Term Volunteers – Looking to get to a warmer place in the winter? Do you love the rustic nature of the hill country?  Does living and working on a beautiful river with waterfalls appeal to you?  If so, SFC has options for long term volunteers.  Volunteers usually work four or five hours each day and enjoy the rest of the time relaxing and exploring the area.  We have an RV hookup for those with trailers and Vicki’s Haven that is designed for summer staff and volunteers throughout the year.  Talk to the office if you would like to learn more about this opportunity.